Why buy Jettec ink cartridges

DCI was formed in 1983 originally producing typewriter parts. In 1994, DCI launched the brand Jettec. The idea was to produce an ink cartridge brand with a high profile image manufacturing our own high quality inkjet product. Today, Jettec has grown into one of Europe’s largest suppliers of compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges. Extensive and innovative R&D has seen us developing many unique in-house ideas that make our production more efficient, more reliable and overcome patents to safeguard our customers. All research, development, manufacturing, tooling, ink formulation and packaging design is done in our UK based factory. We manufacture over 2 million compatible ink cartridges, 700,000 remanufactured ink cartridges and over 100,000 laser toner cartridges per month.

The company’s philosophy is simple; to create a quality, cost effective alternative to the OEM’s.

Why should I buy Jettec ink cartridges over original manufacturer inks?

There are a number of reasons, the main reasons being Quality, Reliability, extralife and Price!

I’ve heard that compatibles or remanufactured ink cartridges may block my ink jets?

This may be the case with some of our competitors. This is mainly down to the fact that air gets inside the ink cartridge at the manufacturing stage. Jettec have mastered this art many years ago of removing air to give perfect ink flow.

Will the colours be as bright as the original manufacturer ink cartridges?

The simple answer is YES! Jettec have 25 years experience and have perfected their ink cartridges to give rich, vibrant long lasting prints. (however, the setting you use for your printer and the correct paper will make a huge difference to your print)

Where are Jettec ink cartridges and toners made?

All of our ink cartridges and toners are made and manufactured in our UK factory in Lincolnshire. Employing over 300 people in the UK, resulting in wages going back in the UK economy.

Have Jettec won any awards or recognition for their products?

Yes, Jettec have won many and continue to do so. Jettec have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel, BRC & RILA. They have won the Queen’s award for innovation for their extralife technology, the Queen’s Award for Export and regularly win independent print consumer tests.

What is extralife?

Jettec’s extralife? technology has been developed to offer up to 100% more printed pages than the OEM equivalent, offering excellent value for money and a double saving for you.

Do you guarantee your products?

All of our ink cartridges and toners are 100% guaranteed for 2 years from date of manufacture, 3 years for toners.

What are you doing to help the environment?

Jet Tec collect over 500,000 empty ink cartridges, laser toners and mobile phones through their sister company each month. All Jettec’s packaging is environmentally friendly using recycled plastic and recyclable card. This results in much less waste going to landfill.

What if I have a problem?

The first place to visit is Jettec’s support website www.inksupport.info If you cannot find the solution for you, contact where you purchased your product or feel free to contact Jettec direct.

Why use Jettec Ink Cartridges?

Digital photography is becoming more and more popular with the availability of digital cameras. However, the amount of photos actually printed is decreasing. Jettec ink cartridges offers you the chance to start printing those special memories again without breaking the bank.

Jettec’s awarding winning Extra Life technology offers excellent value for money and in most cases between 20% to 100% more pages than OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Jet Tec cartridges offer unbeatable print quality and up to 70% saving on original products, as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative.

Jettec produce over 240 different ink cartridges including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Lexmark, and Samsung. They develop all their own ink, which matches and often exceeds the quality of the OEM equivalent ink producing rich, vibrant colours, perfect for printing your photos and other documents.

Article by UK Ink Supplies, based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire stock an extensive range of printer ink cartridges and laser toner printer cartridges.  For more information visit UK Ink Supplies

UK Ink Supplies of Lincolnshire – official Jet Tec retailer in Lincoln.
This blog is by UK Ink Supplies of Lincoln, UK – stocking a wide range of Jet Tec printer cartridges and Jet Tec laser toner cartridges for many models of printers.  For more information please visit Jet Tec printer cartridges for the latest Jet Tec ink cartridges and Jet Tec laser cartridges for Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Oki, Xerox and Kodak printer products.
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