The Growth of Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges – UK Ink Supplies

The majority of the producers of printers recommend to their buyers that they use the original (OEM) own brand ink cartridges that they also make. Many printer makers state that using compatible printer ink cartridges produced by other firms can lead to problems with printing.

Anyone who has observed the printer market over the last several years will no doubt have noticed that the cost of printers have fallen noticeably. This has coincided with a large rise in the cost of printer ink. The business model used by the majority of the large printer producers has been to decrease the profit margins on printers, while at the same time increasing the cost per mililitre of the ink that they make.

As price of printer ink has risen, it has become much harder for the makers of compatible ink cartridges to produce appropriate products. Many printer makers have added microchips to their printer ink cartridges so that the cartridges can stop printing when they are low on ink. The manufacturers say that this stops poor quality prints from being produced when ink cartridges begin to run out. This makes it much harder for makers of compatible cartridges to compete effectively, and therefore printer manufacturers can charge more for their own brand ink. Another downside for customers is that many cartridges stop working before they have totally run out, and therefore reducing the amount of pages that can be printed.

Many customers may think that compatible cartridges are a cottage industry, with small companies producing this type of ink cartridge. Whilst the makers of compatible cartridges are nowhere near as large as the printer manufacturing giants, they are often quite big firms with excellent design and technology skills. Take the example of UK based manufacturer Jet Tec who employ over 300 staff at a purpose built factory in Boston, Lincolnshire. Consumers also often think that these firms have poor quality products and systems, whereas they typically have ISO standards, and in the case of Jet Tec the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise and Innovation.

Some of the makers of compatible ink cartridges have actually produced innovative technology of their own. One of the major problems with Epson’s ink cartridge electronic chips is that they can think the cartridge is empty when it actually has a large quantity of ink remaining. As the chip stops the ink cartridge from printing, users may lose a large amount of prints. The solution has been extra life technology which is a system fitted to some compatible cartridges. This technology allows the ink cartridge to stop when the chip thinks it’s empty, but also gives the customer the option to override. This means that the user has the choice, and doesn’t have to discard cartridges that still hold ink.

The quality of compatible ink cartridges does differ significantly, but if you choose a well known retailer with a high quality reputation the chances are that they will only sell good quality compatible ink cartridges, such as those made by Jet Tec. If in doubt, take the time to explore the Internet for the manufacturer’s name, as a number of PC and magazine sites have run extensive group tests examining the quality of compatible printer ink cartridge suppliers. As a final thought, with the prices of compatible ink cartridges being considerably cheaper than the original manufacturer ink cartridges, it’s often not a very expensive risk to take, and if you use a lot of printer ink it could be a great bonus to you.

UK Ink Supplies of Lincolnshire – official Jet Tec retailer in Lincoln.

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