About GreenTech & Their Printer Cartridges

Green-Tech International Ltd. (Formally known as Computerlink) was started as a small scale home operation in 2000, which rapidly grew into the successful business, which exists today. Over the years, Green-Tech International Ltd. has provided the highest quality products and service to many ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges retailers retailers and wholesalers across the UK.

In 2004 GreenTech moved to a new 15,000 sq ft factory and modern offices after investing over £700,000 to cope with their increased production. This has given their staff a safe and clean environment to work in and improved the quality of the cartridge even further.

GreenTech’s aim is to constantly work to improve their cartridge products through research and development of new inkjet components, to ensure the stability of Green-Tech. This has been made possible by manufacturing inkjets components in the Far East at a lower cost hence making the GreenTech product competitive without compromising on quality.

GreenTech have recently invested a further £750,000 into storage facilities for their increasing stock levels and product range. GreenTech’s new facility has over 16,000 sq ft of storage, allowing them to continue the company’s growth and to reach their cartridge recycling targets.

Company Info:

– Established in 2000
– Based in Peterborough, UK
– Employ over 30 staff in their office and production facility
– ISO 9001 Certified
– Recycles and remanufactures over 27,000 printer ink cartridges every month


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